Europa League Tragedy- Full Kit Wankers Podcast

This is Episode 4 of Full Kit Wanker and we discuss the heavy weight semi final Europe League class between Arsenal and Athletico Madrid, which ended 1-1. We discuss how Arsenal were able to put in a dominate display against a 10 man sided Athletico Madrid, but that we ultimately scuffed the chance to win the game and tied it 1-1.

Wenger Out!- Full Kit Wankers Podcast

This is the third episode of Full Kit Wanker and we discuss everything from Wenger retiring, to the classic Arsenal way of losing versus Newcastle 2-1 where we dominated but could not get the win, all the way to the 4-1 versus West Ham where we used Wenger retiring as motivation. This was an emotional episode as Wenger retiring after 20 years of service at the club has had an effect on me, and I hope you can sense the passion!!

Arsenal are Flying High- Full Kit Wankers Podcast

In the second episode of full kit wanker, we talk about our nervy match in the premiere league versus Southampton, as well as our nervy tie against Moscow in the second leg our our  Europa League quarter final. At the end, I discuss our Gunner of The Week Award and the Goal of The Week Award, who go to the same player (can you guess how it is)!!

Premier League Mayhem – Debut Episode of the Full Kit Wankers Podcast

This is my first episode of Fullkit Wanker! Here, I discuss my reasons for starting this podcast. Then, I analyze the games between Arsenal and Stoke City, and Arsenal versus Moscow, and how these games will impact our future as a club!