Junk Satellites Hang Out #3: Jimmy, Sonny, and Scott

Vinyl and Surf

Welcome and salutation! This marks the season finale and episode six of The Surf~Beats podcast show. In this episode, we wrap up with the Junk Satellites: Jimmy, Sonny, and Scott. We cover some really interesting material in this closer: audiophile record shows, collectibility of vinyl, music documentaries, and the best live shows ever. Its been a pleasure organizing this podcast and look forward to bringing you more musical features in the next season! Enjoy episode six!!

Junk Satellites
LA Record Fair
The Orwells
The Dead Milkmen
Sonic Youth

Junk Satellites Hangout #2: Jimmy and Sonny

Vinyl and Surf

Welcome once again! On this installment, fifth episode, we continue our conversation with the Junk Satellites, Jimmy and Sonny. We cover some epic topics from musical influences, playing an instrument, and being a cohesive band. This is a fantastic episode as it dives deeper into the personas that make the music. Enjoy and stay tuned for the last piece of this interview!

Junk Satellites
U-Turn Audio
Music Hall Turntables
GG Allin

Junk Satellites Hang-Out: Jimmy and Sonny

Vinyl and Surf

Welcome again! Here we have the fourth episode of The Surf~Beats. In this episode with catch up with Sonny and Jimmy of the Junk Satellites, a San Clemente, CA, band. In this episode we cover some interesting topics from the repressing of records, how to find the records we’re looking for, and the epic nature of a referral. This is number one of several episodes from this fun interview. Stay tuned! I hope you enjoy!

Junk Satellites
Ryan Adams
Moldy Toes Records
Amoeba Music
Factory Records

Space junk orbiting around earth – Conceptual of pollution around our planet (Texture map for 3d furnished by NASA – http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/)

Hobie Surfboards Shaper Extraordinaire: Gary Larson

This is the third episode of The Surf~Beats podcast show. This week’s interviewee is Gary Larson of Hobie Surfboards. Mr. Larson is a local to the South Orange County area and he possesses a wealth of knowledge on surf culture, as well as, surfboard design. The topics explored in this episode are his early upbringings, working and shaping with Infinity Surfboards, an early indoctrination into Hobie Surfboards and meeting Terry Martin, culminating in his aspirations for future generations. This episode was an extreme pleasure and I hope that you enjoy it just as well!

Hobie Surfboards
Hobie Surf Shops
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